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In questa sezione trovate una selezione di libri, divisa per tematiche, che possono arricchire il pensiero scientifico, come pure quello pedagogico e didattico di ogni insegnante. Buona lettura!

Body Heat: Temperature and Life on Earth

Mark S. Blumberg, Harvard University Press London 2004 ISBN 0674013697 (256 pagine, 8.68 EUR) 2014

  This book is a real treat. Mark Blumberg takes something we normally hardly think about, and makes into a fascinating topic, with colourful examples from fields as disparate as etymology and entomology. You probably will be repeating many of the stories he tells to those around you, as you discover a fever may be good, or how babies generate their own heat, or how eating disorders interact with body temperature problems. It's entertaining, interesting, and great fun!
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